What to Wear to Nail Your Job Interview

Job Interview Outfits

Did you receive the invitation for the job interview in person? First of all congratulations! But here is the question – what are you going to wear for your job interview? Let’s be honest, here. The first impression matters, so try not to spoil your chance of getting the job from the beginning. Your outfit decision will depend mostly on the type of job you are interviewing for. You do not want to end up overdressed or worse, too casual and give a negative first impression. We’ll help you find the best interview outfit for some of the most popular jobs among college students. Read through our short guide, and let us help you get dressed!

Your outfit goals:

  • You want to impress and be unique
  • Don’t go too casual and stay classy
  • Dress for success, but don’t overdo it
  • Be comfortable and confident

Outfit for Hospitality Job Interview

Casual outfit for a hospitality job interview
Get casual - stylish outfit for your hospitality job interview.

Interviewing for a part-time summer job in hospitality? The work environment in this industry is more casual. For this reason, it can be tricky to find the best outfit that is professional enough for the non-office setting, but also slightly casual. So before you get dressed for your job interview, try to understand the atmosphere and vibe of the location you are applying for. For an interview in a coffee-house, for example, you would not look like the best fit for the job if you were to wear a suit or a formal dress. More than a business-formal attire, your smile and positive attitude are the most important. That is the best thing to wear to win the job!

Outfit for Retail Job Interview

designer-retail-job interview
If you apply for retail position in clothing stores, try to be creative with your final look.

Remember, in this job you are going to be the face of the designer or department store where you applied. Once again, each store and position has different requirements. If you are applying for a manager position, you might consider more formal outfits. On the other hand, if you want to be part of a designer store you should dress according to the type of fashion and clothing they sell. You should try to be as creative as possible and “dress better than the guy next to you”. The goal here is to show the employer that you have a sense of fashion and that it fits with the brand of the store. Follow these tips and you are sure to get hired.

Outfit for Intern Job Interview

Outfit for Internship Job Interview
Business casual outfit is the way to go for your intern job interview.

Now it is getting serious! You have decided to gain experience for your future career. More than ever it is important to do a little research on the company environment before you check your closet. You want to make the best first impression, but do not get too casual. Even if everyone working in the company you applied to wears jeans and a t-shirt it might be a good idea to dress up a little. Dress up for your internship interview and stay up-to-date with your outfit!

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