Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself While Interviewing Job Candidates

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There’s one thing that every business needs regardless of the industry: quality, reliable employees. The problem is, it can be difficult to weed out the quality during the interview process. This guide will tell you the top five most important questions to ask yourself while interviewing job candidates to ensure you are always picking the cream of the crop. Without further ado, here they are:​

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Passion & dedication - that 's what are employers looking for during the job interview.

1. Did They Come Prepared to be Interviewed?

You want someone who is as passionate about your business as you are, so the first impression matters. Did they come in dressed for success or does it look like they just rolled out of bed? Did they show up in a timely manner for the interview or did they walk in 5 minutes late? How do they present themselves? Do they greet you with a warm smile and a handshake or do they avoid eye contact and sit down without introducing themselves? These are all extremely important questions to ask yourself in the first 2 minutes while interviewing job candidates. You want someone who presents themselves with confidence and who looks like they want to be there.

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Candidate should have an idea what your business is about.

2. Do They Understand Your Company and What it Does?

You took the time to read through the job application before interviewing job candidates – the applicant should afford you the same thing. Ask them about your company’s values and how they think they would align with their own personal values. Ask them about your company’s mission and ask them to give their own insight into what they think it means. If this candidate is serious about working for your company, they will have done their research to show you they care about your business. Someone who shows they care about your business before their first paycheck is someone who will continue to exhibit the same qualities for their entire tenure with your business.

Strengths and Weaknesses
You want to hire a personality, not a robot.

3. Do They Know Their Strengths and Weaknesses?

Just as important as understanding your business is understanding who they are as a person. When asking someone about their strengths make sure they are being genuine and not listing off generic answers. A pregnant pause between the question and answer can mean they are working to properly articulate who they are to give you the best picture of themselves (just make sure it’s not too long – or you might start wondering if they have any strengths at all!) Just as important as knowing your strengths is having humility and knowing your weaknesses. It’s important they convey true weaknesses (many people try to convey a weakness that’s really just a strength in disguise), no one is perfect and you want someone who knows who they are and where they can improve. Which brings us to our next thing to look for during an interview…

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It' s better to hire somebody, who shows motivation.

4. Do They Exhibit Ambition and Passion?

Does this person want to improve themselves? Does the candidate have dreams that align with your company? Or do they have the drive to keep themselves (and your business) going through tough and uncertain times? Do they even like what you do? These are all critical questions you must ask yourself while interviewing a potential new employee. This is someone you want to be with your company for the long haul, you do not want someone who is apathetic and comfortable – this type of attitude is contagious and will not be conducive to your company’s culture.

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Constructive questions are important.

5. Do They Have Questions For You?

Last, but certainly not least, make sure that the job candidate wants to know a little bit about you and your business as well. An interview should never just be about the business deciding whether or not the candidate is a right fit for the company, but also whether or not the job candidate thinks the business is right for them. Make sure they ask you questions about your company, it shows they care about where they might work and also that they believe they have a certain value. If they are asking you questions then there is a certain criteria they are looking for as well and will want to work for a company that can bring more than just a paycheck to the table.

Follow this simple guide and find someone who will be an asset to your company today.

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