The Perfect Structured Interview to Hire the Right Personality

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So you’ve received a lot of applications for your most recent job post and you’ve narrowed them down to a handful to be interviewed. The next step if very important to the hiring process if you want to get the best possible candidate with the best personality fit for the role. In this short article, you will get some great advice on how to hold a structured job interview and organize your thoughts to select the best individual to fill your job vacancy.

Too many Things to consider? Structure your Interview!

Before conducting interviews, you need to prioritize your criteria based on the specific position you are hiring for. It is important to structure the interview in a way that ensures all candidates are evaluated equally and you get to the core of what you are looking. If you are looking to hire the right personality, tailor your questions accordingly.

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Warm greeting makes your candidates to feel welcome.

Welcome & Greet strategy

The first impression you make on the candidate is just as important as the candidate makes on you. They are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. Be kind and remember that you are a representative of your business. Researchers found that not only the impression but your initial conversation with the candidates can make a difference to their likelihood of accepting the job. So, on your way to your office try to make the candidate feel comfortable and minimize the stressful situation. Conduct small talk and ask questions like, “How are you doing?”, and longer pre-interview chit-chat before getting down to business. Here are some great points of conversation:

  • Ask about the means of transport used to get to the job interview.  
  • Make a positive comment about the candidate’s clothes. 
  • For all “old school guys” – Look outside and use the small talk about the weather.
  • Ask about any exciting activities the candidate has planned after or what they did before the job interview. 
  • Find interesting information on candidate’s profile or resume and speak positively about it.

Getting the Answer You Need from the Candidate

Asking informal questions ahead of the more serious conversation will help warm the candidate up to you and make them feel more comfortable. This will help you as a hiring manager get a better feel for the candidate’s personality and will make them feel more comfortable to answer your questions more openly and without stress or nerves. Once the candidate is comfortable, you should begin asking the interview questions. You’ll find that after being warmed up by small-talk, the interview questions flow more smoothly than without it.

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Plan your job interview strategy ahead.

Strategy during the Job Interview

At this point in the interview, you can begin asking questions about their past job experience, skills and why they want to work for you business. Over time, interview questions have become standardized and a lot of them follow a similar template: Tell me about yourself, about your recent job experience or education. We’ve all been there and yes, there is a reason why these questions are important to you as a hiring manager. Every candidate is going to be ready to answer these typical job interview questions. To help get to the heart of the candidate’s ability, try changing up the interview questions that are outside of the normal roster. Consider asking the following questions, too:

  • Ask about the unique skills candidates might have. What do they consider as the most difficult thing they can resolve? 
  • Ask about the situation or time when they made a mistake. What was their solution to the problem? How did they behave? 
  • Ask about colleagues or working environment in the previous jobs. How does candidate evaluate their relationships?
  • Ask how do they imagine the hard work and what are their maximum limits?

What are you looking for?

Having a plan before going into the interview helps you get the most information out of the candidate. It helps to make the candidate feel comfortable and ask them questions outside of the expected list to get the best understanding of their ability. Thanks to the immediate reactions of the candidate you can recognize how he or she potentially behave in your companies environment, whether if be calm and consistent or stressful and fast-paced. Also, keep moderate eye-contact with the candidate and pay attention to the body language.

Do you still need some help working on structuring your interview? We recommend that you keep these Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself While Interviewing Job Candidates in mind. Ready to put your interviewing skills to the test? Then sign up your business with binqit and you will receive shortlisted top applicants for your job post immediately!


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