The Best Summer Jobs for Students during the Semester Break

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Are you starting to feel those summertime vibes (finally)? It’s getting hotter outside and you are done with all of your exams. Summer break is a great opportunity for students to make some extra money for the school year and to enjoy summer activities before the fall term starts. If you find a part-time job you like you do gain important practical experience. Also, it can potentially turn into a long-term job opportunity during the upcoming semester. Be sure to use your time during the summer months wisely and effectively! Check out our list of the best summer jobs for students in Toronto and narrow them down depending on your interests. Our short guide will help you to choose the ideal seasonal job for you!

Start with Your Availability and Interests

The first thing you want to do is to set up your priorities for your new part-time or summer job. Start with the following to find the best summer job:https://www.google.com/calendar/about/

  • Working hours: Are you looking for a seasonal summer job or you want to find a stable part-time job? Check out your calendar and write down all your summer activities! Are you planning to go on a trip, family vacation or festival with friends? These are important dates for you! Therefore should your future employer be aware of them as they will affect your availability. Download Google Calendar App and stay organized! 
  • Location: You have to consider where you will be staying during the summer. Will you be moving back in with your family? Or do you want to experience a new challenge and live on your own? Ask yourself how much time you want to invest in commuting and what means of transportation you want to use. Consider these aspects before signing a new summer job contract.
  • Job Category: Now think about your interests and hobbies. What is important for you in your new job – is it the working environment, colleagues or prestige of the company? Also check your financial situation and set up goals based on your expenses for your studies and free time activities. Are you focusing more on fast cash or you are looking for a valuable job experience for your future career?

Best Summer Part Time Jobs in the City

As soon as you get clear thoughts on your new summer part-time job, you are all set to start looking for your new job opportunity. Do not forget that you are not the only one looking for a summer job, so take some time to apply for jobs ahead of the season. The following jobs have been longtime go-tos for many students in Toronto

1. Food Server

server job
Flexible working hours and fast cash - one of the reason to decide for a hospitality part-time.

There is a reason why many students tend to choose the restaurant industry and serving as their summer part-time job. It does help to make fast cash! The hospitality business is always a good choice if you are communicative and you can easily get along with people. Your working attitude is everything here! Smile, be nice and talkative, and your customer will pay it back with a generous tip! What is more, this job position offers you extra flexible working hours, so you can find a pretty good work-life balance. Do not forget, a job in the hospitality industry requires a special certification. If you are serving alcohol, then you need to finish the Smart Serve Certification. You can either take an online or in-class course!

If you are working in a restaurant, coffee house or a bar – you will always save some money. Either your employer gives you special discounts for food & beverages or you will get free meals. What is more this job will definitely help you to improve your social skills, teach you how to multitask and educate yourself on different cuisines or cocktail recipes. 

Pros: You do not have to spend too much money on groceries and will always have some cash on you thanks to your big tips every night.

Cons: Servers need to be on their feet for hours. Very often your working schedule is filled up with weekend shifts. Make sure you let your employer know of any summer plans and book time off in advance.

2. Lifeguard

beach house lifeguard

Imagine yourself spending your summer days out in the sun by the pool or on the beach, sunbathing and at the same time working. Love the idea, right? Then you might consider getting a summer job as a lifeguard. This is not an easy job as you have the huge responsibility of making sure all beachgoers are safe, but you get to work outside and often with a great group of people. There is only one important precondition. You need to be a strong swimmer. 

Every employer will require specific certification and training from you. If you consider this job to be an ideal summer part-time get to sign up for required First-Aid and CPR Training for Lifeguards. Also, you can improve your swimming skills by attending swim courses with experts that will help you prepare for your new summer job.

Pros: Excellent summer job if you like to be outside, hanging around the pool or on the beach!

Cons: This is a difficult job with a huge responsibility. So closely consider your swimming skills before applying for this summer job.

3. Sales Assistant

sales assistant part time

Whether you are in fashion, books or just love small vintage boutiques – a summer job as a sales assistant might be a good idea if you are into sales, business or you are keen on interacting with customers. Sales assistant jobs offer you fixed working times and an improvement in your social skills. This might be helpful in your future career. What is more, think about all those amazing discounts, especially if you are working in your fav store! 

A retail job is definitely a low-pressure one and it gives you a great opportunity to be in charge of your schedule so that you can easily plan your own summer schedule. Moreover, if you find working as a sales associate interesting, it could turn into your stable part-time job during the semester. Small shop owners are very often flexible and ready to compromise with their part-time staff.

Pros: Discounts on your favorite fashion items!

Cons: Your salary might not be that high and the customer service might be challenging

4. Rideshare Driver

uber driver

Do you have a driver’s license and a reliable vehicle? More importantly, do you like driving? If you answered yes, then your new summer part-time is a pretty easy choice. Thanks to the mobile apps like Uber or Lyft you can easily get your immense work flexibility and independence as a rideshare driver. The bigger the city, the more driving opportunities for you! Toronto a great place for this kind of part-time job. Moreover, if you are new to the city, it helps you to get to know the place before your semester starts.

Pros: This job offers you the best working flexibility – schedule your time based on your private plans and earn some extra $!

Cons: Rideshare drivers tend to earn the most money during weekends, so you still might end up working on these days. Depending on your working schedule and number of rides, there might be extra expenses for your car service

5. Dog Walker

dog walker summer part time

For all of you dog lovers, I cannot think of any other job opportunity better suited than dog walking. Especially during the summer vacation when many people go away on holiday, the demand for a dog walker rises. Imagine yourself taking care of dogs by either walking them, watching them at your own place or by dog-sitting in someone else’s house. What is more, imagine being paid for it at the same time! You are the boss of your schedule! Make it fit with your summer activities.

Pet-sitting is a very important job. You would be entrusted by the dog owners to watch over their pets as if they were your own. It helps if you also have your own pets or at least to have some experiences with watching over animals. If you are starting from scratch it might take some time to build the trust of the pet owners to hire you. Try to collect any references from your family and friends to ensure a smooth start with your new summer job

Pros: All the cuddling, training and playtime in Toronto’s beautiful parks with your four-legged friends!

Cons: Pet owners are very demanding regarding their pets, so it might be sometimes pretty challenging to gain their trust!

The best summer jobs for students should help them earn extra money to cover study and summer expenses. Thanks to some extra money you have the freedom to enjoy the summer break and take a rest before the new semester starts. Try to line up your activities, interests and job requirements and start your summer break with an ideal part-time for you!

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