Starting the first job in a new place – Expectations vs. Reality

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It is ironic that I find myself waking up every time from one particular dream over and over again when arriving to a new place.

The dream of being someone who has already accomplished something either during the studies or in early professional life and that it should matter wherever you are. Even though those accomplishments may have very well happened, no one gives a darn thing about them when you arrive somewhere new.

This awakening had happened to me several times in the past. One could think I should know better by now, yet I know for a fact it will happen to me in the future again. I guess it’s just the way it is. Finding the first job is a struggle.

My Job Search - Expectations vs. Reality

This particular awakening happened to me when I moved to Toronto back in 2017. Excited to explore and live in another country, I arrived ready to start my new journey. I carried in my pocket a great academic background and promising early career accomplishments. With that, I envisioned numerous job offers from the most respectable companies. I was so sure of my credentials that I completely ignored some important facts! I’ve got student visa and so I was allowed to work only on a part-time basis.


You are not the best fit for this company!

Two months of sending resumes and zero feedback! Do you have the same experience? This has shown me yet again that no one really cares until you prove yourself in your new environment. Realize that you are not the most special person in the world and that it is not about you. I had to start working my way up again. Simply by meeting people, networking and putting together my credibility.


  • I can only recommend to get in touch with expats community in Canada. Thanks to the real experiences and useful tips of people living in your new city will be your start definitely easier.

Get your first job to enjoy the time in a new place

Toronto in Winter
Toronto is full of great free time activities.

Building a network and landing a dream job takes time. While you doing that, you still want to be able to enjoy yourself. You have plans to travel, to go for a couple of beers, to see Jays’ game and other million great little things. Or maybe you don’t momentarily care about your career and you just want to travel or support yourself while studying. No matter what your final objective is, you definitely need one thing along the way MONEY. It is just the way it is and Toronto offers so many opportunities to earn an extra dollar here and there.


  • Keep yourself during your job search busy. It is going to take some time to get your dream job, so you can earn extra dollar along the way. Keep yourself during your job search busy. It is going to take some time to get your dream job, so you can earn extra dollar along the way.

To sum it up..

In the end, I realized there is nothing wrong in getting your hands dirty and doing some construction, retail or serving job. Just keep up your objective, why you started in your mind.

Good luck to you all on getting your hands a little bit dirty!


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