Simple Recruitment Strategy To Save You Time And Money? 6 Reasons To Hire With binqit

Get the simple recruitment strategy but first off, what is binqit?

binqit is Toronto’s only one-to-one personalized mobile job marketplace, designed specifically to hire top talent in a flash. If you are looking for someone to cover your weekend shifts, someone experienced in your industry to help up your sales, or maybe you need someone fluent in mandarin – binqit is the best platform in the city to find you exactly what you’re looking for. Let us share with you in a little detail just some of the ways binqit can help you.

The entire hiring process in one spot

Why complicate things by using multiple platforms during the hiring process? On other job sites you have to post an ad on one website, receive the applications on another, and then connect with them through email. On binqit we simplify the hiring process so that you’re able to post your ad, review applications, and connect with the ones you like all on one platform. Simple recruitment strategy for every business.

Your hiring in one spot
Every business wants to have hiring process in one spot.

Your criteria deliver exactly what you value in an easy-to-use way

Are you tired of typing up long job descriptions detailing every aspect of the role just for no one to read them? binqit makes taking care of the details easy and presents them in a clear way. And next time you need someone to fill that role, you don’t have to worry about creating a whole new post, just click the repost button and we’ll find you exactly what you’re looking for.

Get the best fit for your vacancy first

It’s time to stop reading a million resumes every time you need to fill a position. binqit saves you time by doing the dirty work for you and presenting you with the best options. When you see someone you like all you have to do is click&connect.

Faster hiring process
binqit saves your time with simple hiring process.

Countdown ensures you’re able to hire quickly

You posted the job today because you need someone today… not next month and the job seekers feel the same way. binqit keeps things fresh by refreshing job posts every 72 hours to ensure the listings are always up to date and to keep the applications competitive because we want to deliver you only the best talent.

Reduced cost of hiring and training new staff

According to the Society of Human Resources and Management hiring and training new staff can cost up to 16% of their annual salary. In Canada’s retail and food service industries this can easily translate to $2000 – $3000 per employee! And with turnover rates in these industries as high as 80-100% these training costs can really add up quickly. Let binqit finding you great employees so you never have to hire or train more than once again. 

So why to use binqit for your recruitment strategy?

Because binqit is Toronto’s only online platform designed to find you job candidates – tailor made to your company’s needs. Through the use of our matchmaking algorithm we pre-vet applicants based on things like availability, commute time, how many languages they speak, their experience and more to make sure we deliver your ideal candidate. This platform will make sure you never hire anyone who isn’t worth your time again. And unlike other job posting sites, you get to post your listings for free, you get to see the applications for free, you don’t pay until you want to connect with an applicant you like. No more pay per click, no more pay per post, it’s time for pay for results. Find the simple recruitment strategy for your business and start hiring today!

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