Hustle, job lost, misery and perseverance

Merry Christmas

At the end of 2019 I was told, following my own realization which often comes earlier but is being ignored for so many well intended but foolish reasons, that the platform for hourly jobs in Toronto I had been building along with my team needs something more, some fresh air, an innovation, in order for it to stand out among zillions of other platforms. My initial reaction of despair and desolation have quickly transformed into yet another pivot and new excitement for brighter future because yet again we have done what every other entrepreneur and young organization have been going through when trying to break into the market with a new product. You are always told that you have to fail and often more than once before you are able to lift yourself up and assume the strong stance onto which you can finally build what you have been imagining this whole time.

So we did, we did lift ourselves up and assumed a stance, the strongest one we have ever mustered to make and then COVID came in March. Not an easy to get over failure this time when your entire business model evolves around booming hospitality businesses and young people who work in them. Not an easy to get over failure when you too loose a job and your dying business is no longer a top priority which it must be if you want to succeed. Again, it might seem foolish to be devasted longer than necessary or to be devasted at all because c’mon, you are healthy and you still have a roof over your head so be freaking grateful for what you have not lost. And I agree, you should be grateful for all that but that does not mean you shouldn’t be disappointed. On the contrary, you should be disappointed. What you shouldn’t do is to let that disappointment take over everything else. In my case, I lost control over it and my disappointment has been so profound at times that I contemplated I would have been better if I never started the venture in the first place. Regret like this is but a short step from indefinite misery.

Now, it is the end of 2020, nine months ever since the first lockdown, and I say fuck misery.Merry Christmas and we will see you in 2021. Stay strong!Matt

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