How to Make Your Daily Commute to Work Suck Less

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It’s 8:50am on a Monday morning and you’re 3 stops away from your station. You’ve been sitting on the TTC for 30 minutes, staring at the posters to avoid eye-contact with the creepy dude directly across from you. You think, this really sucks… I wish I lived closer to work. 

Well, we have news for you. Your daily commute to and from work (or school) doesn’t have to be so mind-numbingly awful. In fact, you can almost completely avoid commuting altogether! Keep reading to discover how. 

1. Download A Show from Netflix

adult daily commute
Take time for yourself and watch your favourite show on the train.

If you didn’t know this already, the Netflix mobile app has a download function. This allows you to download from a select list of movies and tv shows in the platform. That’s right, you don’t need to wait until you get home to continue binging Stranger Things! Watch it right there on the morning ride to work.

2. Listen to a Podcast

Man listening to a podcast
You can choose from a variety of podcasts depending on your mood.

Podcast’s are in right now. There are a few good ones that I am currently listening to, like Science VS. and The Health Code, but there is a huge array of shows to choose from in almost every genre. Fan of true crime? We heard My Favourite Murder is good. Love Oprah? Download Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Podcasts allow you to learn something new or simply be entertained during your otherwise boring commute to work or school. Download Spotify – it’s our go-to for podcasts.

3. Read a Book!

You will be surprised how many books you can read on your daily commute to work.

We know… how old school. But really, reading a book helps you escape the awkward eye contact with Mr.Creepy over there and really allow you to dive into another place. You’ll be surprised how quickly time flies by while you’re reading a good book on the subway. This is especially helpful if you are a student and need extra studying time. Just be careful and don’t miss your stop, like some of us have done… Check out the Toronto Public Library for books on a budget!

4. Avoid the Commute to Work Altogether

happy job seeker
With binqit you can find a job close to your home.

Too good to be true? Nope. With binqit, you decide how far and long you want your commute time to be. Looking for a part-time job only a 5 minute walk away? 10 minute streetcar or bus ride? Simply adjust your search criteria and find an employer close to you looking for new hires! Give it a try and sign up as a job seeker now.

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