Finding a Job in Three Easy Steps

Finding a job

Toronto is a great city to live and study in. With its international and multicultural communities, you will definitely fall in love with this incredible place. But what about the jobs? What is the situation like for people and students who are looking for part-time or full-time jobs? Is finding a job so complicated?

Anyone who look for job knows that it can be a full-time job in itself. But why does it have to be so hard? Learn how the hiring process is revolutionized to take place in 96 hours or less! Get some great advice on how to make it happen in this blog.

What does finding a job look like today?

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If you’re like thousands of others in the market, then you know the feeling of stress and uncertainty arises during your job search. You’re in a hurry to get your part-time job to pay your rent, but the process takes a long, long time. Right now, a lot of companies follow old methods for hiring procedures. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on the best way for you to find a job quickly and efficiently. Keep reading!

Step one: Resume update needed

Blow the dust off that resume! It’s time to revamp it so that it includes your new experiences and skills. More importantly it is important that your resume is tailored to match what each specific employer wants.

Step two: Let’s get online

Go online and sift through the thousands of job posts. You will find many  of them old and expired until you find something that might interest you!

Step three: A crazy job hunt

Apply to anything and everything you see REGARDLESS of whether or not it’s a good fit because you never know what’s still active and you need to make rent this month.

Step four: Waiting time

Wait. For how long? Who knows.

Step five: Waiting time vol.2

Hear nothing back.

Step six: Wait!


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Get a job in three easy steps with binqit!

Finding a job shouldn’t be this hard. binqit is here to make finding a job today easier than ever before. Here’s the new process of how to find a job quickly in three easy easy steps:

Step one: Tailor your own job search

Fill out the criteria that’s important to you. You want a job close by. You want a job that fits your schedule. With binqit, you can tailor the job search for your specific needs right from the beginning.

Step two: Select a part-time job you like

Go online and sift through the thousands of job posts, most of which are old and expired, to find something that might interest you!

Step three: No more waiting time?

Get a response back in 96 hours or less. No more waiting.

Make finding a job today simple. No more waiting. No more pointless interviews. Next time you are looking for a student job  – Don’t think it, binqit.

If you are new to Toronto, read our short guide on 5 Things to get used to and get ready for your fresh start here. Don’t forget – you are not alone! Check out stories of job seekers, who had to struggle to get their part-time jobs and #shareyourstory with our binqit community today!

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