Benefits of having a job close to your home


There is something about having a job close to your home. Imagine that you don’t have to wake up super early to catch the subway or the bus to get to your job. The only thing you need to do is get ready and walk over to your work. Do you like this idea? Then read more about how to narrow down your job search to focus on part-time jobs close to your home or preferred location. binqit jobs explains you how to make your dream come true!

Part-time job near you gives time flexibility

Some people might say that they do not mind commuting for an hour to work. Sure, it is a great way to stop thinking about the work and get a short rest on the subway or bus. But if you are a student, you are probably looking for a part-time job that is flexible with your schedule. Moreover, you do not have time to waste. Your schedule is pretty tight and you have only a few hours available between your classes and study time. Time is everything and therefore you should start looking for local jobs around the corner or close to the campus area. Remember, this is the most important precondition for your job search.


Time is money, my friend

You might not think that public transportation is expensive. Maybe not, but a daily commute to your job will cost you extra money. Of course, you might end up having a TTC monthly pass, but still! If you live close to your campus, that is the center of your student life. Here you spend most of your daily activities, not only studying but hanging out with friends and relaxing between classes. Searching for part-time jobs that are hiring near you will save you extra money that you would have spent on the TTC. Avoid extra costs, which you can use wisely somewhere else in your student life. Apartment close to the campus, work near you, friends around – man you are in the middle of your universe!

All that good homemade breakfast

If the time flexibility did not persuade you about the benefits of having a job close to home, home-cooked breakfast definitely should! You still might end up with your shift starting early in the morning. These shift hours might work for you the best, so you are in time for your evening classes. But you do not have to worry because your job is 5 minutes away! Finding a job close to your apartment brings you the best opportunity to invest the time you’ve saved into yourself. For example, you can start your day with a proper breakfast. What’s better than preparing yourself a nice breakfast sandwich, poached eggs and a cup of freshly brewed coffee at home? All you have to do next is get dressed and walk a few minutes to work.

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So how to get a job near your home immediately?

When you are looking for a local part-time job openings, you usually start your searching on different job search engine sites. This is one of the ways that you can find a part-time job close to you by setting up the location in your job search filter. The other option is to visit local job fairs or job events at your university. But what happens if you do not have time for all these procedures? Well, then you might be innovative and try something new! With binqit jobs you can locate a part-time job just 50 steps away from you and set up your private job filter. Get the part time vacancies which are interesting for you! Check binqit Job Map and explore available local jobs listings in the Toronto area. Browse available part-time jobs even with no experience. Interested? Then open up the binqit job map, register for free and find a job where you want to work!

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Wondering what to wear for your job interview? Check our tips on the best job interview outfit and get hired today!
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