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When I was 17, I moved to Toronto from a small town in the GTA. Therefore I decided to live with my best friend and attend York University. I had some financial help from my family, but it was clear from the beginning that I would need to get a part-time job. To be able to fully support myself. I got a job at Winners as a Sales Associate, working around 28 hours per week. At first, I was frustrated about the necessity of my part-time job. I felt like I was wasting the time that I could be using to study. However, a year and a full two semesters of school later, it was clear to me that I was wrong. Working a part-time job was actually benefiting my studies, and my life, for the better. Here’s why…

1. The Obvious One - Money!

meet up with friends
You can use some extra cash for the activities with your friends.

This goes without saying, it was nice to have extra cash to go out with friends on the weekend, take mini trips, and treat myself to the occasional new pair of shoes or nice make up. For my first year of schooling, my parents covered the necessities, like phone bill, rent, and TTC costs, but the rest was up to me!

2. How to be Frugal

Plan for Budget and Finance
Work on your financial plan to have a better overview about your budget.

Your parents are right when they say that you are more careful with what you purchase when it’s your own money. You think and rethink everything before you buy it. “Do I really need this new pair of boots if the ones from last year are still in great shape?”. Working hard for your money makes you more conscious of your buying patterns and helps you learn how to save!

3. Time Management of Your Student Part Time Work

stress out student
Try to find the best work - study balance.

When you are balancing work, school, and a social life, you have no choice but to plan your time wisely. If you want to be successful, I would take advantage of every single free moment. I spent those moments by reading on the bus, studying on my lunch breaks at work, and only going out with friends when I knew I had the time. I planned out my weeks in advance and knew exactly when I would study, when I had class and when I needed to work.

4. People Skills & Teamwork

Team of young people
Networking helps you to develop your soft skills.

If you are working in a part-time jobs in retail, hospitality, or the restaurant industry, then you most likely need to talk to people everyday. You may also need to work with others in a corporate setting. Doing so teaches you very important communication skills. Your soft skills development is important for your full-time jobs and future careers!

5. Foster New Relationships

best freinds and friendship
Your part-time job gives you opportunity to build new friendships.

Not only do you learn important people skills and how to work together as a team, but you make new friends along the way! Working a part-time job is a great way to meet new people. It’s common to grab drinks or dinner after work and bond with colleagues outside of the work setting. I met some of my closest friends today while working at Winners! This is especially important if you are new to the city and don’t know anyone.

6. Responsibility

The new responsibilities at work form your personality in a long run.

This one may seem general, but you grow up and mature a lot when you move out of home and/or work a part-time job. You have responsibilities at work that you need to fulfill, and it is up to you to ensure they get done. This is an important quality that will be very important in your career, depending on the field you are in.

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