5 Things to Get Used to When You Are New to Toronto

students new to Toronto

Toronto often scores among the world’s top ten livable cities and there is a good amount of reasons why. Downtown is always busy, there are over 8,000 restaurants and bars to choose from, and there’s always something to do. However, if you are new to Toronto, there are some things that might come off as slightly funny. Let’s have a look at the top 5 of them! 

What to do?

Daily commute to work with Toronto public transport
Your daily commute through Toronto will be part of a new cultural experience.

If you are lucky enough and will jump into the Toronto job market soon after arrival, you will (whether you want or not) have to use the popular public transport system of the year. Especially if you come from the European background, don’t get too frustrated when you realize there are four (but in fact only two) lines connecting the entire city. Commuting has never been so much fun so get ready for that!

What to do?

Sticking to metro and avoiding streetcars/buses when possible will make the life of those new to Toronto much easier. And never forget to get a ‘transfer’ when you transfer. This little piece of paper will save you a lot of money.

The Weather

Cold Weather in Toronto
Check your closet and bring warm clothes with you to survive Canadian Winter.

If you ever hear a story about weather from a Canadian, make sure you find out whether the person was born and raised in Toronto or not. Canadians from other provinces often tend to use very funny words when talking about e.g. winter such as ‘mild’, ‘not very long’ or even ‘enjoyable’.

What to do?

If you hear any of these expressions, make sure you will google the closest Winners and buy the warmest jacket you find there. In fact, Torontonians who come from other parts of Canada have a very different understanding of what ‘cold’ means.

The Booze

Prepare your party booze, so you will not end up "thirsty".

Not only are LCBO, Wine Rack, and Beer Store (almost) the only three places where you can officially buy some alcohol, but be prepared to spend a lot of extra money on booze while living in the city. Bars and restaurants are usually very expensive when it comes to drinks and, sadly, most of them close very soon (between 2:00 and 3:00 AM in most cases).

What to do?

Pre-drinking before going out (or after-drinking when you are kicked off) is the key. Just make sure you don’t get too wasted because you can get rejected at the bar.

The Games

Toronto Blue Jays Game
Visit a baseball game and you will love it!

If you are into sports, don’t even bother to spend money on Raptors of Maple Leafs. Even though the games are fantastic, you’ll hardly be able to get a nice spot under 120 CAD (but go ahead if you don’t mind standing in the last raw).

What to do?

Lots of people go to the Jays as the tickets are usually very inexpensive and the game is fun too!

The PATH Maze

Toronto city
Explore the hidden underground labyrinth - PATH Maze in Toronto.

Not everyone who’s new to Toronto knows that, but there is a hidden underground labyrinth that spans Toronto called the PATH. It’s a 30 kilometers long pedestrian walkway network that is full of restaurants, shopping, services, and entertainment. It will also get you from one side of the city to the other, save you from traffic and frostbite during the winter.

What to do?

Simply stick to the signs and follow the network from Queen, King, and St. Andrew all over to the Union Station and more.

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