4 Useful Tips to Manage Your Job Search Stress Now

manage job search stress

Another motivation letter, another rejection. The job hunting process could be a very difficult time of your life. Imagine you see your savings going away, your fridge is empty and you have only your laptop in front of you and determination to find a job quickly. Do not worry for the job search experience is a stressful period of time for everyone. For this reason it is important to keep yourself positive and overcome the feelings of anxiety and stress. The whole job search process does not necessarily have to be so harsh, if you follow these steps to manage stress during your job hunting.

Think about the bright side

Positive thinking

I know it might sound silly, but the whole job hunting process is a great lesson for everybody. It does not sound very convenient for anybody who has just received a rejection from a potential employer. But look at the bright side. Every set back gives you another learning opportunity. So what do you learn during your job search? You get to learn how to be:

  • patient and commit to action repeatedly
  • determined and do no limit yourself
  • faithful and learn on your own mistakes and stay classy

Make your job search suck less -
stay busy and productive

Remember, you do not always have to keep all the negativity around job hunting. Why did I not get a response for my application? Am I the right candidate for a job? Why did I get another rejection? Stop harassing yourself, take a deep breath and follow these few steps to stay productively busy and focused in the job search routine.


Relax and focus on you

So nice to say, so hard to make it happen 😀 The job hunt can be a vicious circle and it might make you feel miserable. It sounds like a cliché but self-care and exercise help you to calm down and get some fresh energy. I recommend doing yoga everyday! It is an amazing way to give yourself time to enjoy the moment and relax for a little while. And do not worry! You do not have to sign up for any paid courses! You can exercise yoga super easily at home even if you are a beginner. Try the amazing Yoga with Adrienne and make it a daily routine


Keep the schedule going

One of the reasons why many job seekers end up stressed out is that they give the job hunt too much priority. Treat your job search as a regular full time job. With that in mind, make your own daily schedule to keep your activities organized. Make sure you get enough sleep, fresh air or exercise. And what is more, do not forget to stay in touch with your friends!

Studying and Qualifications

Work on your qualifications

This is the time, more than ever, to work on your education and qualifications for your dream job. Take specific courses that will help you build up a skill set for the job vacancy you are intending to apply for. Many courses are available free online on Youtube. What might also help are community centers, where various courses are offered for job seekers and young people on a daily basis. If you feel you still need more, try to volunteer or take an internship opportunity. It is important to start somewhere!


Melt down the stress - get a part time

You do not have to sit behind the computer all day long and wait for the response from recruiters. Keep your time productive, but also take a rest from the job hunting stereotype. There is nothing better at this point of time as to consider a part time job! Imagine, you get to know new people, what brings you new contacts to your network. At the same time, different activity help you to calm down from your daily troubles. And what is more – you get paid! Ever wondered how to easily get a part time job close to you? Register with binqitbinqit and explore new jobs around you!

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Turn your thoughts on the job search into positive ones and keep your job search going. By following these tips you will keep up positive thinking and manage your stress during your job hunt.

I wish you the very best of luck in your job search!

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