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binqit (read bink-it or (b)lue and p(ink) collar jobs (i)n (t)oronto) helps you to find a new team member or a local job in hospitality, service or retail industry virtually at a fraction of your time.

For all local businesses in industries with high turnovers such as hospitality, service and retail who rely on quality human capital to succeed.

For all students, immigrants and other hourly workers.

With unique smarting job filtering and applicant vetting technology, binqit connects job seekers and businesses together based on location, availability, past experience and language in order to foster meaningful, quality relationships.

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Job seeker perks

These perks have been made for you, the job seeker, because we know how frustrating the job search process can be.

No unanswered applications

GUARANTEED RESPONSE from every business

You will hear back from every single job you apply for.

countdown on jobs for a fresh job board

No more irrelevant 30+ day old jobs, apply to jobs that are hiring right now.

Unique smart job filtering

faster job search process

Our smart job filters find you jobs that fit your profile and personality.


Our additional filters make sure you see only the most relevant job offers which fit your commute preferences and school schedule.

Community of jobs, seekers and local businesses

Video stories of people who work while studying in Toronto. What kind of job they want, what is important for them when they search for jobs and what they want from that job to give to them. Get in touch with us and let employers know what is important to you.

Check out our blog and our Facebook and Instagram feeds where we talk about job market trends, current job openings and other useful tips for job seekers to use.

Merry Christmas

At the end of 2019 I was told, following my own realization which often comes earlier but is being ignored for so many well intended but foolish reasons, that the platform for hourly jobs in Toronto I had been building along with my team needs something more, some fresh air,

Student girl in the garden

If you’re like me, then you have a hard time studying at home. More often than not, there are many temptations from the party-ready roommates to that oh-so-comfy looking bed. Those temptations can make it hard to focus on that 16-page essay due in two days. This is why I

We are you

After hours of hard work dedicated to bringing this idea to life, binqit has grown into what it is today – the only place online that finds businesses and job seekers quality connections tailored to fit their needs.

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