Connecting Students with Part-Time Jobs in Toronto

Find part-time jobs in Toronto in the restaurant, bar and retail industries.

Hire part-time staff who fit your needs with just a few clicks.

Business benefits

Check out some of our features we have developed for businesses to streamline hiring process and save time.

Applicant vetting

automatic ranking system with the best applicants on top

Our binqit app connects you with quality applicants based on the criteria you value.


Our vetting algorithm saves you time by doing the dirty work for you.

Centralized hiring


Fast step-by-step posting process: industry -> job position -> job details -> availability -> photo -> post.


You choose who you want to message and schedule an interview with.


No need to leave the app, contact all applicants within our messaging platform and schedule an interview with them.

Job seeker perks

These perks have been made for you, the job seeker, because we know how frustrating the job search process can be.

No unanswered applications

GUARANTEED RESPONSE from every business

You will hear back from every single job you apply for.

countdown on jobs for a fresh job board

No more irrelevant 30+ day old jobs, apply to jobs that are hiring right now.

Unique smart job filtering

faster job search process

Our smart job filters find you jobs that fit your profile and personality.


Our additional filters make sure you see only the most relevant job offers which fit your commute preferences and school schedule.

We are you

After hours of hard work dedicated to bringing this idea to life, binqit has grown into what it is today – the only place online that finds businesses and job seekers quality connections tailored to fit their needs.


Throughout the summer, we will be working on our binqit app to fine-tune any hiccups. please give us your feedback to help make the experience even better!

With unique smarting job filtering and applicant vetting technology, binqit connects job seekers and businesses together based on location, availability, past experience and language in order to foster meaningful, quality relationships.

For small and medium size businesses in industries with high turnovers such as hospitality, service and retail who rely on quality human capital to succeed.

For all students, both domestic and international, looking for a part-time job.

It is FREE to use during our testing phase in summer of 2019.

After the beta phase period is over, a new pricing plan will take effect for businesses only. they will not pay per click or pay for post, but they will pay for RESULTS.

Matt, an international student in Toronto, was struggling to find a part-time job to support himself while in school so he came up with the idea for an app that would allow students like him to easily find jobs with an ideal commute and schedule flexibility.

After many hours of hard work dedicated to bringing this idea to life, binqit has grown into what it is today – the only place online that finds businesses and job seekers quality connections tailored to fit their needs.

binqit (read bink-it or if you like to use our original founding name: (b)lue and p(ink) collar jobs (i)n (t)oronto) marketplace was specifically developed for hospitality, service and retail industries in which both processes, hiring and job search, have not had the attention they deserve, despite the importance of quality human capital for the success of the business.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us!

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